the homeless librarian look

Anddddds the blog is back! Thanks for hanging in there while my site mimicked my life for a while and looked like a hot mess.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.23.21 PM

since my work day starts at 5:45, my typical outfit selection process goes like this…

a. “im cold, i need something warm”

b. “im tired, i need something comfortable”

c. “im cold, tired, AND late, shit, i have to put on the first clean thing i find…GO”

and this is why i often refer to my office wardrobe as “homeless librarian chic,” with the chic part being verrry ironic (see an old post on the same topic here).

since i am in major need of an office ensemble reboot (i’m under the impression looking put together may lead people to think i am put together), i need pieces simple enough to mix and match a million times, but they need to be special enough not to need many accessories (thus eliminating an entire step and 2-3 precious minutes), while maintaining the always precious comfort factor. here’s an idea of the upgraded vibe i’m going for.

office attire1. pearl ear jackets

2. M. Gemi black mules (obsessed with this new brand! more on this to come)

3. striped pencil skirt

4. silk tank

5. grey cardigan (more comfortable than a blazer and worthy of the librarian title)

hopefully i can get my blog, myself AND my work wardrobe organized. Wish me luck! Xx


  1. can you come update my work wardrobe?!?! it hasn’t seen anything new since you left.

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