pardon the silence– january was a wild ride! life in 2016 has been amazing thus far but i have barely had time to take a breath, let alone make a blog post. today’s theme (or lack there of) is all about some current covets and serious fashion dopplegangers ive discovered across my internet perusals. lets get started– shall we?

#1 with spring weather right around the corner, im in the mood for some funky cropped jeans. luckily the geniuses at rag & bone came out with a striped pair that evoke the isabel marant ones which were a celeb cult classic

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.45.56 PM

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#2 this lace up bikini is a dead ringer for this pricier mara hoffman style. check out the new VS swim collection this year (including this and this one)– they have a bunch of new styles that are copy cats for more exclusive brands like triangl and same swim.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.51.38 PM

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#3 speaking of laces, there are now a bunch of great options (a, b and c) that mimic the expensive aquazurra flats myself and every other fashion blogger lusted after

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#4 last weekend i was in nola for mardi gras (and the baby’s 21st birthday! <3 you sek) and finally took the plunge on a pair of krewe du optic sunglasses. this brand has been getting a lot of celeb spotlight lately, so grab a pair before they get mainstream. i bit the bullet on this oyster colored pair i’ve had my eye on. on a hilarious note, all 3 of my sisters and i ended up picking the same frame shape, in different colors, despite all their other great options (like this style!) i guess a predisposition to the st louis frame was a family affair?

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.07.48 PM

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#5 off the shoulder is going to be an even bigger trend for Spring this year– i ordered this striped version after seeing it on my favorite le catch— after eyeing a more pricey style at intermix first.

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stay tuned….more to come!

steal her style #2 – tory burch

Last week I had the opportunity to meet Tory Burch during a small group session with her and Sallie Krawcheck —two boss ladies who have both had amazing careers (Sallie is the former President of Bank of America). They discussed their experiences in the workforce and Tory’s admirable foundation, which gives funding to female entrepreneurs. While I have always looked up to Tory, meeting her in the flesh and hearing exactly how she started her business gave me a newfound appreciation and a SERIOUS girl crush. I could wax and wane for hours but seriously, she is an impressive person–graceful, understated and one smart cookie (not to mention as pretty as you would think).

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 1.26.12 PM

But of course, we must discuss her outfit. Tory embodied her style to a T- looking the perfect balance of chic fashion mogul, upper east side mom and preppy school girl. She was wearing a printed silk shirt dress (one of her own from a former season) with a maroon short sleeve sweater and some fawn colored suede stilettos- no tights. She had some really beautiful jewelry on that looked heirloom but also added the perfect modern sparkle (like treasures she had handed down from her grandmother, but was wearing her own way). It was great inspiration for some simple tricks to elevate your most basic outfits and mix up things I already own.

inspiration #1: work day polished


Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 12.45.04 PM

while i would never think to wear a short sleeved sweater over a dress, the look worked– it was totally effortless, with the right amount of polish for even a corporate environment. her dress actually had a print to it, which i loved, but i opted for mixing a print into the sweater instead. any trip to her website will reveal how much of a stripe girl she is, so this j.crew number is the perfect match. also, i have never in my life wanted a pair of brown heels before, until i saw Tory wearing a pair. they elongated her legs and were as mix-and-matchable as any nude pair.

1. silk shirt dress (or another great windowpane print option)

2. striped j.crew sweater (on sale!)

3. cluster sparkle earrings –hers were some pretty bombsh sapphires

4. archaeological ring

5. cognac manolo blahniks


Inspiration #2: UES off duty

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 1.11.21 PM


for more casual weekend wear, I also see her in classic americana pieces like a great pair of trousers and some driving moccasins for running around on the weekends.

1. chloe chain drop necklace

2. while red mocs might seem flashy, its the perfect pop

3. more stripes! a pair of her own design

4. simple chambray shirt

5. classic fendi structured satchel (might be my next big purse purchase)

better late than never

i think i am the only female under 25 who hasn’t made a new years resolution yet this year….since it’s already late January, maybe i should make it procrastinating less?

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.18.00 PM

in all seriousness i started out 2015 with a bang and couldn’t wait to get back to blogging. life and a new job has inevitably crept up on me, but i’ve realized how much i missed this blog. so to get myself back on track i’ve rounded up a few style resolutions to kick my butt into gear. for anyone interested, you can read last year’s resolutions here.

#1 buy less, purge more. and no, not in the blueprint cleanse kind of a way. with closet space limited in our shoebox for 3, i desperately need to check myself before i wreck myself. i have now amassed 2 closets of clothes (1 here and 1 home in Virginia) and that needs to change. i have vowed to cut back (at least in terms of quantity), edit my wardrobe, and consign when possible. check out my stuff on the poshmark app if anyone wants to help me out in this endeavor!

#2 channel the French. i am going to be more french (i.e. epitome of chic) in all that i do–french designers, french hair, french fries (i kid i kid). but seriously, while i could write a novel on this subject, there is a reason french women are known for their sense of style. and its because it looks EFFORTLESS. think black, nautical stripes, loose bedhead hair and a general sense of je ne sais pas (in america i believe we call that DGAF). carine roitfeld is my icon and her instagram will be my daily source of inspiration. my look will (hopefully) be achieved through this great basic blouse by Equipment, a pair of well tailored trousers (i found amazing ones at the Catherine Malandrino end of season sale), sleek heels and a punchy statement coat.

french tshirt

#3 rock the midi trend. while this may seem counter intuitive to #2, since trendy is the antithesis of timeless, im daring myself to play with proportions. i plan to conquer my fears and rock the crop top, the midi skirt and maybe even a wild pair of culottes before the year is through.


for all you timely CP’s what were your new years resolutions?! stay safe from the snow new yorkers!