healthy habits #1: skin laundry

while i hate the enormous cliche around the timing of this post (yes, it’s January and I’m talking about health kicks), truth be told, i have been in serious need of some tlc. after a whirlwind 6-8 weeks of travel in November/December, what feels like a billion holiday parties and subsequent two/three billion glasses of chardonnay, and minimal time for exercise, i feel quite blah all over. add to that, it’s hovering around 30 degrees and rainy here. yuck. double blah.

this bloggerooni is usually dedicated solely to fashion, but in the spirit of a new year and trying something new, i’m going to do a 3 part series to cover a few of the latest health fads/fashions i’ve been testing out. i hope you’ll stick with me and maybe even give me a few of your own ideas to try!

in later installments, i’m going to cover my favorite workout classes in the city as well as a real-life diary of a Blueprint Cleanse (stay tuned!), but today i thought i’d ease us in with something easy– my saturday morning spent at skin laundry— because who doesn’t love having gorgeous skin?

Image result for facemask photo

as a disclaimer, i am somewhat of a beauty product addict, and recently this addiction has spread to skincare. around my 24th birthday i woke up and realized that a) sleeping in makeup is now unacceptable, b) my occassional acne no longer qualifies as “teenage” and c) it was time to get serious about taking care of my skin. i’ve gotten pretty religious about a 3 step system (micellar water, toner and moisturizer), which you can read about more here, plus a bi-weekly mask, but i rarely get facials or other professional treatments.

what is it? a coworker recently introduced me to skin laundry, which is a Cali-based facial service that just opened a location here in new york. the premise is all about quick 10-15 minute laser/light facials. with limited ancillary services and an “in and out approach,” think of skin laundry as the ‘blow out bar’ for your face. the treatment is supposed to help with everything from fine lines to discoloration, spots and acne. after checking out their website, i hate to say i was skeptical of the offering working magic (i’ve had one light treatment before) but your first time at skin laundry is free. sold!

the low down: i made appointments for my sister and i last weekend to see what the fuss is about. first off, for you nyc-ers, the location couldn’t be easier to find (on the corner of 5th and 16th). while the interior is very cali-chic (think white and pale blue with minimalist furniture), the vibe is much less spa Zen and more doctors office practical. you answer some questions on an ipad and then the technician takes a few photos of your “before” skin while she explains the procedure. first, a tingly laser to zap the top layer of your dermis for bacteria and dirt, followed by a cooling gel treatment with infrared light to stimulate new cell growth. the first round is a little uncomfortable, not because its at all painful, but more just weird feeling/smelling (in my humble opinion) but it only lasts a maximum of three minutes. the whole procedure is maybe 8-10 minutes and then you’re on your way. unlike more intense facial treatments, you’re not red or blotchy immediately after, so theoretically you could go straight to brunch or back to work if necessary. the lady does try to sell you some of their skin products and encourages you to buy a pack of treatments ($300 for 6 or $500 for 12), but i kind of just tuned her out because i wanted to see the results were before i bought anything.

the takeaways: overall, i was really impressed. and if you can ignore the sales-y part of the pitch–i.e. being told you need 17 new skin toners/lotions/serums and at least 10 sessions before you see results– the experience is even better (i get it, there’s no such thing as a free lunch!)

about 30-45 minutes post-treatment, my sister and i kept selfie-ing pictures of our “glow” and my skin has continued to seem brighter for the last 72 hours and counting. some of my existing spots are clearing up (unfortunately it does bring a few new ones to the surface) and after multiple treatments the results should stick around even longer. i went in assuming it was a once in a blue moon kind of thing, but now i can see myself going 1-2x a month as part of a maintenance plan. i may even make another appointment to go again next weekend. while the individual sessions certainly aren’t cheap–$40-60 per session depending if you buy them in bulk–it’s about half the cost of a regular facial, and less than a third of the time commitment.

just as a disclaimer for anyone that’s wondering, there wasn’t any incentive for me to write this, nor is the company even aware of my post (#notthatcool) but if you’re in the area, you should check it out. the company seems to be expanding pretty quickly so there may even be a location in your city in the near future.

peace, love, and clear skin for all. Xx JL