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happy friYAY chickadees. in honor of the gloriousness of this day, welcome to a round up of my latest fall wardrobe whims and desires, otherwise known as the hit list. a sartorial smorgasbord if you will, of everything under the sun I have my eye on. since attention spans are short these days, I capped it at 7 today, but trust me, the full list is much longer!

#1 cut out booties. the other night post yoga, i spied a chic little pea eating outside at Rosemary’s wearing some badass booties and had to restrain myself from asking where they were from. they were slightly western, but new york edgy, with a walkable 2″ heel — the perfect pair for current 70-degree pre-fall weather. you know, when you want the fall-ish vibe but without the hot feet? so far ive found these babies, this studded pair, a sleek version by my lover philip lim (could buy everything in his Fall ’16 collection),  a basket weave jeffrey campbell, and taupe ones by cool girl brand kaanas.


#2 a dark shearling jacket. yes, this request total counteracts the practicality of desired purchase numero uno, but i gotta find one. kind of a kate bosworth vibe, no? lurrrve this vince x563, this marked down see by chloe, dip a toe in the water with a fluffy version from nasty gal, or sell a kidney for an alc.


#3 tibi sweatersssss. like amy smilovic, your sweater game is currently STRONG. i want them all and i want them now. obsessed with this cozy military style pocket sweater, also this one, which has sleeves that can be buttoned up or left open, and who doesn’t like a pom pom? so fun. boom shocka locka.


#4 velvet slingbacks from banana. rumor has it that bananas shoes are made by vince camuto, which explains their dominance season after season while the clothes are usually questionable at best (but seem to be improving this year). i saw this chiiic pair and loved their lux simplicity (they look like manolos!). perfect to dress up jeans, wear to work with skirts or debut during thanksgiving festivities–something about turkey and velvet just feels so right…


#5 gold ear huggies, crawlers, studs and knots. the more i live in new york, the more i want to pierce my ears all over. call it some weird form of delayed teenage rebellion (trust me, i did NOT have any sort of a rebellious streak at 16…more like nerd alert) but i think the driving force behind said mutilation is all the dainty, clingy, crawly designs out there. they look best in threes, fours and fives– the more the merrier! i want these baguettes, flower huggies (similar here), an ear cuff, and this gigi hadid approved pair (find a simpler style for half the price here).


#6 this dress will be mine come holiday parties, mark my words. debating this romper too (oops!)


#7 winter shorts. these belted dvf darlings became mine last week (25% off with code FRIENDS25), after i lusted after suede shorts at intermix all of last fall. try a pair bare legged now and with tights for later. so cute with a basic t or turtleneck. not sold? sailor shorts by derek lam or a skort version by carven.


chic sneaks

Karl Lagerfeld can do no wrong in my eyes (or the majority of the fashion world for that matter.) However, when he paired sneakers with his entire Chanel Couture Spring/Summer 2014 show, more than a few eyebrows were raised.

Chanel s-s 2014 1

While ‘chic sneaks,’ as I have been calling them, have been a growing trend in the last 6-9 months, the look can be intimidating to pull off. While I applaud the move towards comfortable, wearable fashion, I still shudder recalling images of bad 90s power suits paired with white Nikes charging down Madison Avenue.

miranda hobbs

For me, nailing the look can be broken down into 3 elements:

  • shape of the bottom: flowy skirt or cropped pants are a must- pencil skirts are not going to work
  • interesting details in the outfit: layers, tailored darts, interesting fabrics
  • a certain level of casual meets put-together: i.e. the look is only appropriate for somewhere you might actually need to be running around

chanel s-s 2014 2

While Karl can, of course, put his girls in evening gowns and new balances (pretty sure he could put a girl in a black and white trashbag and i would still swoon) – I reserve this look for brunches/lunches, errands, birthday parties and casual drinks with friends- definitely no sneaker donning black tie galas in my future.) Regardless of where you debut this special look, the juxtaposition of girlie pastels, laces, and floral with sporty sneakers is beyonddddd. Like on. another. planet.

chanel s-s 2014 3

Meanwhile, here on planet earth, I will be interpreting this look through something a tad more budget friendly like this:

  • a lacy, frilly mint green tent dress by Free People
  • this ladylike Tory tweed blazer by (more minty pastel embellished perfection)
  • a basic white pair of jack purcells or classic tretorns (available on jcrew but sold out in practically every size)

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 9.29.09 PM


Another easy option I’m dying to wear is a monochromatic blush plate (side note- both myself and my girl RZ H-A-T-E pink (although Karl’s work above makes me reconsider)- blush, however, is in an entirely separate color family)

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 9.41.51 PM

tres cool + tres comfortable = a winner in my book. what do yall think about this snazzy sneaker trend??

b-a-n-a-n-a-s bomber

a few weeks ago I saw an instagram of Rachel Zoe’s super-chic pea assistant Kendall, wearing a varsity style jacket (full post here) so you can imagine my excitement when a trip to the j.crew outlet last weekend led me to discover this similar bomber style by Madewell.

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 3.18.37 PM

i know the two jackets are slightly different looks- but the general cropped shape, rounded collar and leather sleeves- not to mention that I got mine for about $50 versus the $395 Rachel Zoe jacket pictured- meant that the Madewell fill-in was the perfect find for me. (especially since my fave fashionista Rachel Bilson has also been spotted in it.)

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 3.29.33 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 3.32.47 PM

top knot

I plan on taking a tip from RZ, and Kendall, by wearing mine with a top knot and blue button down for work. Or to top off a basic dress later this spring. How would you wear it?!

going wide

Pardonne-moi for my absence- the last few weeks have been a blur and I know with the holiday season coming up, things are bound to get busier. Of course, I leave for five minutes and suddenly what’s old is new again- flared jeans are back, and in a big way. I’m sure thousands of blog posts out there are covering the same topic, but after seeing such great inspiration lately, I couldn’t resist. (Check out a real girl style maven, Sally Bernadette, from a piece of toast, looking great in hers.)

flared jeans 2

flared jeans 4

For the last few years, the skinny ankle, then the jegging, and finally the boyfriend cut craze, have stolen the denim spotlight. I personally, love a good straight leg pair (and love a legging/jegging even more.) Due to my petite height it’s much easier to find a pair that works on me and you don’t have to worry about hemming them to the right length for a certain pair of shoes. However, recently, pictures of wide legged pairs seem to be popping up everywhere and are making me want to dust off a pair of old bell bottoms from the back of my closet. 

flared jeans 3

Rachel Zoe, godmother of fashion and my I-D-O-L, seems to have figured out the flared look for a short girl, so I hope to channel her and don a pair soon. If you find the right ones, they can be more elongating (code word for slimming) and chic than narrower cuts. As with any other oversized item, proportion is key. I think you have to go for a pair that is tight in the thighs as opposed to wide throughout, to avoid looking frumpy.

rachel zoe jeans

After a little perusing, I’m going to re-test the waters with either this bell bottom J. Brand pair or a darker wash by Paige. I plan to wear mine with a knit top, oversized scarf and these simple heeled boots, a la picture numero uno. However, I do love the idea of a trouser-esque pair and a skimpy silk tank for night.

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 12.05.55 AM