saunder-ing into spring

Jonathan Saunders first collection for DVF is finally available and i for one can’t get enough of the freshness he’s infusing into the brand. many of you know i interned at DVF back in my college years, so it has always held a soft spot in my heart. i’m also personally a big fan of Diane (but who isn’t?) and everything she stands for around female empowerment; i highly recommend her book.

however over the last few years, the fashions got stale, and whoever was designing stretched out some of the signature cuts and prints just a leeeeetle too far. it was becoming a bit cougar-esque with all the hot pink and black, deep v’s, cheetah prints, etc. and i found myself buying fewer and fewer pieces.


thank goodness our girl knew just the man to shake things up– with jonathan saunders appointed creative director last May. while the aesthetic of saunders’ namesake line was always a little more bohemian grunge than uptown girl like Diane’s, he is a fellow master of prints. he stayed true to her heritage and pulled smartly from the archives for a slight 70’s influence in the collection. i love the clean lines and some of the newer fabrications (knits! jersey! sheer!) he is bringing into the brand. plus, the styling is super young and funky–circle bags, anklets, silver boots–all very 2017. check out my favorite looks from the show and shop available pieces below.

dvf 3

that dress + those earrings plsss! fierce.


the ‘downtown cool’ version of a floral


asymmetrical top heaven + those white pants though…


a lady who lunches (and probably works at barneys) but lives in the LES

a few of the pieces available to order now—


gingham print dress


knit set


ruffled jumpsuit


green pleated pants + chain lace jacket


hammered earrings

ok ok i’ll stop already, but i probably could have posted about 10 more looks i love. so many yummy stripes, prints and patterns– it’s going to be hard to choose what to buy first! stay tuned for his next show (Fall 17) on Feb 12th.