steal her style #3

whenever im in doubt for what to wear, i go for a monochrome look. in new york this typically translates to all black– but lately i have been feeling less chic pea and more sephora employee rocking this. with spring weather (hopefully) here to stay, i think its time to lighten up a bit. thank god for pinterest which led me to copy the look of this cool glamour girl. get her style and try an all nude look. ps-the accessories are key to keep all brown from looking blah.

nude outfit 1

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 2.06.53 PM

1. jersey top

2. crocodile clutch

3. scalloped flats

4. suede skirt

5. bangle (25% off currently!)

6. bangle

7. sunglasses (option 2)

8. necklace