luck of the irish

a little clover-colored inspiration, at MS’s request, to keep us from getting pinched while we drink our Guinness! and scroll below to read about a VERY exciting CP giveaway!!

1– silk midi skirt

2– daisy earrings

3– cargo jacket

4– block heel

5– wrap bracelet

6– jeweled pumps

7– leather jacket

8– silk origami shorts

9– superstar sneakers

10– swimsuit top, bottom

11– ruffled dress

12– neon mini bag


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A Current Affair

A few weekends ago, it was monsooning out (seriously the most gushing wind/rain i’ve experienced in years), and I was in search of something to do. I was lucky to discover a vintage pop up sale going on in Brooklyn via Instagram, called A Current Affair. The show occurs sporadically in LA and NYC a few times a year, and it looks like they are expanding to a few other cities (one coming up in the Bay Area in June). Basically they got a bunch of different vintage vendors, some with physical retail stores and others who are more trunk show type dealers, all in one place and you buy a $10 ticket to peruse.

I have had a long love of vintage and second hand clothes– from back when I used to dress up in my grandmothers closets as a little girl–so this was pretty much Nirvana for me. Over the years I have loved collecting a piece here or there to incorporate with mainstream outfits. My favorite place in the world to hunt is the Paris Flea but I’ve found amazing things all over the world, in cities big and small. I’ve bought Tod’s loafers from a Goodwill in San Fran’s Mission District, found a 1940’s rabbit fur capelet from a thrift store in Lewisburg, WV ($50!??!! RJB this may be the best find of my life), an original 70’s Gucci crossbody in my tiny hometown, a custom beaded evening gown that everyone mistakes for Marchesa, and tons of no name bracelets, scarves, clutches and faux gemstone earrings along the way. The thrill of the hunt is like a drug for me, never knowing exactly what you will find (#addict). And I love that each piece has a story, a life before me, and it’s something no one else will ever show up at dinner in. Here are a few snaps from the afternoon–

amazing jeweled mules i still regret not snapping up

the coolest fringed shift from the 1960’s

sherpa-like knits in all sorts of colors

those sleeves!!!!??? so right now it almost looks like caroline constas or johanna ortiz

I spent about 3 hours in the sale; in addition to the clothes, there were so many great street style #chicpeas to soak in. I ended up with two silk peasant tops (one is “supposedly” a hundred years old), a beaded navajo belt (perfect for spicing up denim cutoffs this summer) and the coolest art deco clutch with removable handles (its called a Moon Bag, the closest ones I can find online are here and here). Since many of my friends often ask me about my vintage finds, but seem intimidated by the process, I thought I’d give a few tips learned over the years and a list of my favorite spots to treasure hunt.


Tips for Thrifting 

look at things in isolation: sometimes walking into a vintage store can be really overwhelming, with lots of prints and colors distracting the eye, sometimes stuff is arranged in heaps, bins and piles, and there’s a lot of “out there” styles you wouldn’t be caught dead in. try to look at items on an individual, isolated basis- “would i wear this one specific blazer with my current jeans and t-shirt” or “how would this dress look hanging in my closet once I’m back at home?” is an easier decision process than “what in the world should i buy???!!!”

don’t buy things you won’t wear: there is a lot of cool stuff i love to look at in these stores, but i know that realistically would never have the guts to wear on the street (see black and white dress above). think of these parts of the store as an art museum of sorts– fun to soak in but not to take home. be true to your own style and what you would/wouldn’t wear, or you’ll just regret spending money on the stuff later on.

don’t be scared to haggle: bargaining is the name of the game. even in fancy vintage stores, if i don’t feel the price is right, you can ask them if they’re willing to take less (sometimes yes, sometimes no) or leave your phone number to call you if they lower the price later on. for really expensive pieces, i sometimes do a quick ebay search to get the general feel for what an item should cost, but at the end of the day usually you can’t find a true like-for-like item so you have to go with your gut. also, sometimes it’s ok to pay up (not all vintage has to be a bargain) if you find something really unusual, designer or hard to find.

but if you love it, don’t debate: the flip side of this is that if you find something you love, especially if you’re out of town or at some sort of flea market/pop up, you should buy it. i have a mental list of regrets for items i found, loved and told myself i didn’t need at the time. my boyfriend can attest to this since i still talk wistfully about a vintage hermes belt i skipped over for $150 in Milan last summer. this is a hit or miss game and once it’s gone, its gone forever. so just buy it!!

before you buy it, inspect inspect inspect: sounds obvious, but ive overpaid for things that are stained, torn or just don’t fit right. give it the once over, and then a twice over. or better yet, get your friend to give it a second pair of eyes.

minor tweaks are doable, big changes cost a lot: removing a belt, cutting off the hem, and changing the buttons are usually all tweaks you can make yourself. shortening the straps, bringing in the waist, or otherwise altering the shape of garments usually isn’t possible from your average tailor, and if it is, will cost big bucks. i’ve never found major alterations on vintage to work out how i wanted.

Now do you have the vintage shopping bug? a few, but not all of my favorite vintage haunts in NYC:

Housing Works- a charity store that requires lots of digging but I have found some great stuff

Starstruck Vintage Clothing– right around the corner from my abode, lots of retro denim for turning into shorts, cowboy boots and vintage rock t’s

What Goes Around Comes Around– the premiere designer vintage in the world, very pricey but incredible. this store has really taken off recently through its partnerships with Gilt and Bloomies.

Diamonds & Coal– technically a consignment store, not vintage specifically

Pippin Vintage Jewelry– lots of rhinestones! luckily my friend LKH lives upstairs to this store, so i pop in a lot to peruse

Cure Thrift Shop– great slip dresses, bangles and beaded vintage purses

A very happy (but tired) post-thrifting girl ready for Saturday night in her new top

the italian job

at this time of year, my instagram feed has been blowing up with photos of folks’ incredible summer get-aways. spanning from local northeastern jaunts of the hamptons, maine, and the cape, to out west in lake tahoe, SF and santa barbara, all the way to greece, croatia and Capri, it seems like everyone’s on vacation. chief among these enviable options has been fashionista miraslava duma’s month long italian getaway. she’s been posting amazing shots of the amalfi coast (and of her even more amazing wardrobe) —see them all here. her easy breezy looks are seriously drool worthy, made up of light fabrics, straw totes, and bold sunnies, with just the right amount of drama. plus, the girl knows how to rock a headwrap like whoa. Put together, it equals one seriously stylish mama.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.25.47 PM

beachy hair + lived in linen = effortless

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.35.46 PM

the view isnt too shabby either.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.25.20 PM

seriously could she be cuter?

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.26.19 PM

(or make being a mom look any easier)

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.25.34 PM

that purple dress, SWOON. ya know, just grabbing dinner with my babes in a floorlength formal gown

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.26.04 PM

 slightly spa-ish with the matching towel head, but damn does that periwinkle show off a golden glow

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.24.58 PM

one of the most striking was her in a printed silk halter dress by hermes. its so effortlessly cool, and the print is perfect for showing off a well worked on tan. her dress isnt available online (you can get a similar looking pareo), or do yourself a favor and snap up the lookalike zara version while its still in stock. for those of us without the accompanying boat, its perfect for a breezy bbq, sipping cocktails poolside or dressed up with heels at a late summer wedding.


the lux list

wow–where did november go?! ill spare you the summary of turkey day and skip right over to one of my least favorite upcoming holidays. call me scrooge, but christmas (especially the decorating and subsequent clean up) and stress of present buying, combined with unseasonably warm weather in nyc, has me feeling very bah humbug. as an attempt to get in the spirit , ive rounded up a few of my dream Christmas gifts. while the price tags on these babies is not for the faint of heart, consider this list my equivalent of the NM gift book–anything goes! 7 lux gifts worthy of lasting a lifetime…

#1 hermes scarf– while im not the biggest silk scarf wearer, these always look so classy and are great to collect (and if you don’t feel like wearing it, take a page from this smart cookie and turn them into a piece of art)   hermes scarf

#2 burberry trench– inspired by my favorite little Burberry-clad Brit LKH. yes the idea of writing a $2,000 check for a raincoat makes me slightly sick, but you know you’d wear the heck out of it. and the nova check will always be timeless.

burberry trench

#3 cartier love bracelet– the perfect gift for the hopeless romantic. what could be better than unbreakable love, cartier and 18k gold?? yaaaaaas please.

cartier love bracelet

#4 elegant evening bag– evening bags are one place i don’t typically spend a lot of money (particularly because they don’t get a lot of use) but a special bag can take your LBD up a notch season after season. the neutral suede paired with gold on this sleek maiyet one is dreamy perfection.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 5.12.56 PM

#5 red chanel flats- although these would be perfect for the holiday season, i love the idea of red flats for a pop of color all year round. I loved the way Caitlin wore them here

red flats

#6 a great piece of art- one of the most special things my mom has taught me is the value of investing in great art. unlike clothes, you look at your surroundings every day, so we think art is one area worth truly splurging on. some of my favorite artists id love to own are sally king benedict, kate long stevenson, karin olah, and teil duncan

kate long stevenson

sally king benedict

#7 classic celine– effortless, french and always in style– oui oui oui!!