work horse

i may no longer qualify for “back to school” shopping, but that doesn’t mean i can’t use the season’s sales to stock up on some of my week day staples. not sure why i gravitate towards pants versus skirts or dresses for the office most mornings, but over the last few years i’ve accumulated quite a collection (perhaps because i’m perennially cold, and they don’t require recently shaving your legs).

as the workhorses in my wardrobe, i never feel bad splurging on a well made style, given they see a lot more action than most items in my closet. but several bargain pairs have also worked their way into rotation, including a legendary $19 pair of WHBM clearance culottes i bought during a work trip in Columbus, OH and wore so often they literally disintegrated at the seams. which of course they no longer make. RIP.

below are the six pairs of work pants I wear around the clock (and pretty much all year long). the rag & bone simone’s have a sleek high waisted fit and concealed back zipper, perfect for longer tops or sweaters, but the barney’s trousers deserve the high school superlative “best all around,” and if you buy them at the store custom tailoring is included. a zara knit pair, far left, might be the newest addition to the group but they are coming in hot– as basically chic sweatpants with an adjustable wrap waist, i can’t say enough good things about them. grab a pair (or two) before they sell out!

also, knowing that most working gals have their “go to” pair of black pants (many of which are the herewith Minnie I’m told), i would love to hear your favorites in the comments below! we can have a big happy-family-sister-of-the-traveling-pants-kumbaya moment. gap? milly? theory? club monaco? pick your poison and share with the group please!

links to pants– zara, banana republic, rag & bone (solid, plaid), barneys, reformation

as for my other office items in heaviest rotation? theory short sleeved turtlenecks (if i buy long sleeves i push them up anyways), an green tibi knit t-shirt that i can’t seem to find online (similar to this one), this black buttoned blazer i leave on the back of my chair, a pair of block heeled pumps i’ve worn into the ground (subway grates and construction zones are landmines in stilettos), and a plain gold watch. all guaranteed to expedite getting out the door monday morning and help you survive ’til friday! Xx

heart breakers

If there is one thing my obsessive compulsive shopping tendencies should reward me with, I wish it would be never having to see the words ‘sold out’ on an item I’m lusting after again.  I absolutely HATE when there is an ‘it’ item you discover too late.. I feel left out and like ‘where have I been for the last X months?’ (cue flashback to the strappy Zara ballet flats worn everywhere by my favorite chic pea Blair Eadie….)

Sadly, said event happened yesterday.

I have been searching for the perfect pair of smoking slippers for a while now, and it wasn’t until last night at bible study (I know, I know, thou shall not covet) that I saw a girl wearing this amazing version by Ferragamo. The velvet. The grosgrain. The cut. Ahhh perfection.

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 6.37.28 PM

Unfortunately for me, they are sold out EVERYWHERE, which isn’t too surprising once I saw this photo of my favorite chic pea, Olivia P, rocking them several months back.

olivia palermo scotty shoe

Unless you are the lucky girl who wears a size 9 and wants the tortoise version (do it- you know you need them!) I found these similar ones at Nordstrom, but I’m still not sold. So I am forced to either a. troll ebay relentlessly or b. continue my quest.