going wide

Pardonne-moi for my absence- the last few weeks have been a blur and I know with the holiday season coming up, things are bound to get busier. Of course, I leave for five minutes and suddenly what’s old is new again- flared jeans are back, and in a big way. I’m sure thousands of blog posts out there are covering the same topic, but after seeing such great inspiration lately, I couldn’t resist. (Check out a real girl style maven, Sally Bernadette, from a piece of toast, looking great in hers.)

flared jeans 2

flared jeans 4

For the last few years, the skinny ankle, then the jegging, and finally the boyfriend cut craze, have stolen the denim spotlight. I personally, love a good straight leg pair (and love a legging/jegging even more.) Due to my petite height it’s much easier to find a pair that works on me and you don’t have to worry about hemming them to the right length for a certain pair of shoes. However, recently, pictures of wide legged pairs seem to be popping up everywhere and are making me want to dust off a pair of old bell bottoms from the back of my closet. 

flared jeans 3

Rachel Zoe, godmother of fashion and my I-D-O-L, seems to have figured out the flared look for a short girl, so I hope to channel her and don a pair soon. If you find the right ones, they can be more elongating (code word for slimming) and chic than narrower cuts. As with any other oversized item, proportion is key. I think you have to go for a pair that is tight in the thighs as opposed to wide throughout, to avoid looking frumpy.

rachel zoe jeans

After a little perusing, I’m going to re-test the waters with either this bell bottom J. Brand pair or a darker wash by Paige. I plan to wear mine with a knit top, oversized scarf and these simple heeled boots, a la picture numero uno. However, I do love the idea of a trouser-esque pair and a skimpy silk tank for night.

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 12.05.55 AM