gaga for gucci

In the challenging world of retail, Gucci has made one of the biggest design comebacks in recent years. Led by new design talent, Alessandro Michele, the brand has been revitalized by taking “out there” risks (fur slides anyone?), retro silhouettes and not shying away from color and print. The result is so fresh, unusual and unequivocally Italian, its not hard to understand why the brand has been popping up on fashionistas and style mavens errrrrywhere.

gucci 2

gucci 3

gucci bag

gucci spring '16

you can shop the whole fall collection here. and for those who can’t drop dolla dolla bills on the real deal, luckily for us, there are some great gucci-inspired pieces available to get the same look…


h&m patched pilot jacket


mango metallic skirt (2nd option)


metallic embellished bag


  paisley print blouse (another equipment version)

jc shoes

cross strap mules

gucci bag3

gucci sylvie embellished bag

striped pants

tapered trousers (even better, these bcbg striped pants)


floral sweatshirt

kors slides

michael kors leather slides


embellished gucci pouch

Happy first day of September to all, and happy 101st post to the Chic Pea. i’m off to santa fe for some sunshine and shopping. Jave a great long weekend and follow along with my trip on instagram here! Xx

one sweater, three ways

i saw this sweater available for pre-order a few months ago in the Saks catalog, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it amidst new yorks chilly temperatures. however, as fate would have it, this week’s trip to the laundromat included a pop-in to intermix (lol– only in new york would the two ever be located next to each other) where i came face to face with said sweater, and it was too good to resist. it’s a great transition piece, with a cross over back detail and fringe loud enough to stand alone, but a basic enough color to be worn plenty of times/ways. as an homage to its versatility, here i’ve styled it for three different occasions– work, play and dinner out.

alc dylan

#1 saturday brunch– wear it alone and let your skin peek out from the fringe for a laid back festival look

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 6.13.47 PM

1 sweater   2 shades  3 sandals  4 shorts  5 bag

#2 at the office— you need to layer it over a silky tank or blouse unless you want some scandalous looks from your coworkers. i cant wait to pair it with the freshest summer work pant– a pair of black culottes– and my go to nude pumps, plus some classic accessories to dress up the casual knit.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 6.53.02 PM

1 sweater  2 shoes  earrings  culottes  belt  6 shirt

#3 date night— im kind of digging layering the sweater over a little slip dress for a nod to 90s grunge, but keep it flirty with fringe x2, an organic style cuff by my favorite charleston designer, and a sassy embellished clutch

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.18.02 PM

1 sweater  2 clutch 3 slip dress 4 heels  5 cuff  6 perfume

what do you think cps– how would you wear it? Xx

cool girl cover up

i typically have a pretty standard pool uniform (jcrew bikini, white cover up dress, slim fit metallic havaianas), but these bombsh girls have inspired me to try something new. meet the button down– a new, slightly edgier option for hitting the beach and covering your bikini. best of all? i bet you already have one…so no shopping required.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.47.47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.45.01 PM

button down 2

button down 1

want to test the waters? dive in with these five combos to try:
pic 2.1


1. plaid shirt 2. tassel bikini 3. gold cuff  4. panama hat

pic 2.2

1. sheer shirt 2. mikoh bikini (top, bottom) 3. turban

pic 2.3

1. striped men’s shirt 2. patterned bikini 3. floppy sun hat

pic 2.4

1. ruched one piece 2. linen tunic 3. straw hat 4. leather sandals

pic 2.5

1. linen shirt 2. cowboy hat 3. kiini bikini

I don’t know about you, but I am READY for the weekend! TGIF chic peas! Hope you get to enjoy the weather.

better late than never

i think i am the only female under 25 who hasn’t made a new years resolution yet this year….since it’s already late January, maybe i should make it procrastinating less?

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.18.00 PM

in all seriousness i started out 2015 with a bang and couldn’t wait to get back to blogging. life and a new job has inevitably crept up on me, but i’ve realized how much i missed this blog. so to get myself back on track i’ve rounded up a few style resolutions to kick my butt into gear. for anyone interested, you can read last year’s resolutions here.

#1 buy less, purge more. and no, not in the blueprint cleanse kind of a way. with closet space limited in our shoebox for 3, i desperately need to check myself before i wreck myself. i have now amassed 2 closets of clothes (1 here and 1 home in Virginia) and that needs to change. i have vowed to cut back (at least in terms of quantity), edit my wardrobe, and consign when possible. check out my stuff on the poshmark app if anyone wants to help me out in this endeavor!

#2 channel the French. i am going to be more french (i.e. epitome of chic) in all that i do–french designers, french hair, french fries (i kid i kid). but seriously, while i could write a novel on this subject, there is a reason french women are known for their sense of style. and its because it looks EFFORTLESS. think black, nautical stripes, loose bedhead hair and a general sense of je ne sais pas (in america i believe we call that DGAF). carine roitfeld is my icon and her instagram will be my daily source of inspiration. my look will (hopefully) be achieved through this great basic blouse by Equipment, a pair of well tailored trousers (i found amazing ones at the Catherine Malandrino end of season sale), sleek heels and a punchy statement coat.

french tshirt

#3 rock the midi trend. while this may seem counter intuitive to #2, since trendy is the antithesis of timeless, im daring myself to play with proportions. i plan to conquer my fears and rock the crop top, the midi skirt and maybe even a wild pair of culottes before the year is through.


for all you timely CP’s what were your new years resolutions?! stay safe from the snow new yorkers!