breath of fresh air

Whew! and I’m baaaack. I’m sure a few of you noticed my absence this summer and the truth is, with my summer purchases behind me in June and a whirlwind schedule of weekend travel and work, I honestly didn’t feel very inspired or on top of things lately. I’ve also been busy with the annoyances of apartment hunting, finding movers, buying furniture, and figuring out all those pesky #adulting details. Now that the worst is behind, and I’m sitting here nestled in my new Nolita digs, this gal is ready to get back in the game.

While I was sad to give up the west village, the westside highway, and all of my favorite neighborhood spots discovered over the past four years (true confession I almost cried saying goodbye to my coffee place, my dry cleaners, and all those little haunts that make this city a home), I can already tell my new ‘hood is a much needed change of pace. The sartorial flavor is a little different, edgier, and just what I needed. Which leads me back to the point of this story- it just takes one great outfit and bam! inspired to blog all over again.

such was the case last week, when on a very hot muggy pre Labor Day afternoon, I was walking home in a haze, lulled by the slow pace of the city, and passed a pretty blonde girl with long beachy locks. she was rocking a crisp white button down with rolled sleeves, half tucked, and a pair of electric blue feather earrings by mignonne gavigan (these to be exact). It was so crisp, so easy simple, and yet such a pop– a total anecdote to my mood and the weather! i’m sure most of us have the makings for this outfit already in the closet, but she inspired me to refresh my button down game with something slightly oversized, and use some tucking, rolling, and bold accessories to make it fresh for fall. some inspo below…

shirts (left to right): vince, by the way, misha nonoo

earrings (clockwise from top): j.crew, ranjana khanlizzie fortunato, mignonne gaviganelizabeth coleholst and lee


happy august cps! where has the summer gone? i had originally rounded up the items in this post fantasizing about my birthday a few weeks ago, but alas time has slipped by and it is not even my birthday month anymore, much less the actual day.  still- a girl can dream- and this CP dreams big. here are the little numbers my heart desires. wear these items for your birthday, a bachelorette, or a night on the town when you need a little extra sparkle.

outfit numero uno

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 6.39.14 PMlet’s start the night ruffling some feathers- with a Phillip Lim feathered dress that screams for attention- usually a good thing on your birthday. pair with some simple blue heels that won’t detract from the dress, but are bold enough to make you fully commit to the look. top it off with some geode sparklers by Elizabeth Cole that mimic the feather-y feel.

outfit numero dos 


Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 6.42.08 PM

feeling more gilded than feathered? in need of something a little more demure? this tulle tiered dress meets the bill without giving up all the glitz. love me some druzy earrings and a silver sandal (or these golden Loubs) to round out the metallic palette.

outfit numero tres 

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 6.59.32 PM

too much is never too much. top off some major cant-pay-your-rent-for-three-months wow-sa shoes with a ruffled silk Tibi dress (on major sale!) give the party some extra pop with a patent YSL clutch,

outfit numero quatro

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 6.56.46 PM

be short and chic and equally fab in a beaded shift by Isabel Marant, some bold rhinestone earrings, a boxy clutch and barely there sandals.

another show stealing options? this slinky haute hippie dress with a slashed out back (reminds me of early 90s Carrie in SATC). there ya go- 4 drool worthy outfits ready for table dancing, limo riding and whatever else your birthday night brings…