diy tassel necklace

welcome to the Chic Pea’s first ever DIY post. here’s a step by step to create one of my favorite tassel necklaces! you can use the instructions for the tassel to make all sorts of tassels of different shapes and styles (including using RIT dye to make an amazing ombre tassel like this one)

approximate time commitment: 30-45 minutes

what you will need: All of these supplies should be available at Michael’s, AC moore and/or a specialty bead store near you

  • 8 cm wooden beads (or whatever beads you choose)
  • a few accent beads (i used some crystal faceted onyx beads)
  • 16″ of gold chain
  • accu-flex stringing wire
  • gold bead cap (check your local bead store)
  • needle nose pliers
  • crimping pliers
  • scissors or wire cutters
  • strong craft glue (i use Beacon gem-tac)
  • leather or coated cording in a color of your choice
  • gold crimps
  • a safety pin


to make the tassel: 

1. cut a piece of card board to the height of the tassel you want – i make mine around 2 1/2 inches

2. starting with the cording at the ‘bottom’ of the cardboard, wrap the cording around the cardboard over and over until its about 1/2 inch thick


3. pin the safety pin around the cording to keep everything neat and slide it off the cardboard.


4. cut a 6 inch piece of cording and tie it around the top of the tassel right below the safety pin. knot it once and then flip the tassel over and knot again on the other side. cut off the extra cording.


5. use your wire cutters or scissors to cut the bottom loops of the tassel. don’t worry if the bottom isn’t perfectly even- you can even it out and determine the right length once the necklace is all assembled.



6. take your tassel off the safety pin and fill your bead cap with gem-tac glue. slide the bead cap onto the top of the tassel, using your needle nose pliers to push the tassel into the cap. (it should fit snuggly before the glue)



voila! your tassel is ready to rock (just give it some drying time)

to assemble: 

1. while your tassel is drying, i like to lay out the rest of my necklace and decide the order of the beads



2. cut a piece of the accu-flex wire (approximately 12″ long.) using these full instructions for crimping, use a gold crimp and crimp the wire onto one end of the gold chain

3. slide on half of your beads, then the tassel, then the rest of the beads. crimp the 2nd end of the wire to the other end of the gold chain. cut off extra wire and tuck it back into the last bead on the strand.


*you could attach a clasp to this necklace, but because it ends up being so long- ie slips over your head easily, i think a clasp is sort of a waste


ta-da! you now have the perfect boho chic accessory to wear all spring and summer long. wearit solo or layer it with other simple strands like I did.

wear it with:

tassel necklace outfit