the shape of water

YALL. has everyone seen the shape of water? i watched it on a plane home from SF last night and cannot get over it– the depth of character development, the unusual story line, the gorgeous cinematography, the attention to each and every tiny detail weaving in and out throughout the film…. talk about a work of art.

while obviously this film was very hyped at the oscars, i had put off seeing it because a) pan’s labyrinth scared the ever living s&*t out of me, which was the last big film by this director, and b) i have an extremely hard time sitting still for an entire movie, so i figured i needed to watch it at a time when i was feeling ready to focus, in order give it a fair chance. maybe it was being trapped on an airplane, but i was completely captivated. and don’t get me started on the ending– i won’t give away any spoilers, but text or email me to please discuss, because i am OVERWHELMED (can you ever just be “whelmed”?) and need someone to talk to about it. so there’s that.

the second mind blowing discovery of the day? lychee ice cream. THANK YOU JET BLUE. i have found a new non-sartorial obsession in this stuff. it’s light, creamy, not too sweet and completely worth the lactose-induced belly ache. do any readers know where i can procure such a delicacy at sea level?

in homage to my new favorite feature film, and in the effort of keeping this a fashion blog, a few items worthy of a modern day mermaid…


listed from top to bottom:

headwrap,  slip dresscrochet top,  sheer skirt,  capri perfumeruffled top,

  sunglassestrousersclutch,  fish earrings,  surf sprayslides (if mermaids had feet),

one piece swimsuit, pearl bracelet,  striped skirtcolor block dress,

  mixed stone earrings,  raffia tote bag, wrap sandalsbikinilight blue fragrance,

  mother of pearl ringbone earrings



studded dress, two ways

my weekly Zara perusal discovered a plethora of new spring arrivals–first up this amazing t-shirt dress. the studs pretty much scream isabel marant, its basic enough to go with everything, and it exudes just the right about of edge to not be boring. i will be wearing it now (with tights and 12 layers on top, so let’s skip that look), transitioning into spring and carrying it straight into the heat of summer. it’s a steal at $99 so grab one for yourself before it sells out!

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.58.22 PM

transitional weather (spring/fall) for cooler days, layer a leather vest or jacket for warmth (love this allsaints style) and booties for a football game or concert

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.35.38 PM

           1. Zara dress

           2. triangle studs to add another shape without adding too much additional bling

           3. a printed cross body by clare vivier— the polka dots acceptable post adolescence

           4. fringe boots balance out the biker vest with a cowgirl vibe

           5. vince leather vest (actually scored this exact style at TJ Maxx last weekend)

dog days of summer this dress is the perfect travel outfit– knee high gladiators balance out the asymmetrical hem and keep the bohemian vibe going

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.16.19 PM

          1. Zara dress

          2. simple arm party by chan luu to add some extra color

          3. shades– prada sunnies may break the bank but always make for a great sunny day

          4. sandals (also try the always super comfortable stuart weitzman version–love the gold!)

it’s a wrap

one of my friends gave this super chic wrap bracelet as a birthday gift the other week- I love that its unique enough to stand out from a sea of chan luu’s, and is at a much more afforable price point. perfect for wearing casually with shorts this summer or layered up for a full on arm party. bohemian chic and budget friendly? it’s a wrap!

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 10.13.43 PM