ribbon cutting

After months of debate over the perfect name, day dreaming about content, and anguish (mostly over the perils of word press) the day has finally come when my blog is up and running. I have wanted to start this endeavor for a while now- as an outlet for my creativity, and to showcase my love of fashion. As my seventh grade self once told a teacher, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, “I want to share my taste with the world.” As much as that memory makes me want to puke, (Yes, it was a bit of a douchey statement and one I’m not exactly proud of) I still chuckle at the thought, remembering exactly how long an interest in fashion and all things style-related has consumed my brain. 

I’ve been playing dress up in adult clothes since I could walk, reading Vogue in high school as an escape from the tiny town I grew up in, and spent most of my college years planning Saturday night’s outfit (just ask my roommates.) While I am never one to use two words when I could use ten, as you will soon learn, to put it simply- it’s about time I had this blog. To commemorate this special day, I’m having a ribbon cutting of sorts, with some of my favorite ribbon inspired pieces. This badass Chanel jacket and grosgrain-tie shoes should do the trick. 

lanvin heels

jacket: chanel, shoes: lanvin

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