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….a personal feat. reader gals, i’m ashamed to admit, while i love promoting loud and fun outfits on this blog, a lot of times when it comes to my own sartorial choices, i can be a lot more timid in what I actually wear out the door. i’m a creature of habit and like to fly below the radar, what can i say? such is the case with an item du jour these days, the silky printed jogging/pajama pants trend. it’s a long story- stick with me.

printed pants inspo

after a hellish work week a few months ago I treated myself to a little forever 21 shopping spree. it was one of those weeks that was so bad, “might have to actually quit this gig” thoughts were dancing through my brain. i was in desperate need of a pick-me-up treat. but with pending unemployment on the horizon, Neimans, my ultimate happy place, was not in the checking account reality of this chic pea. hence the trip to forever 21.

shopping problem

i hate a love/hate relationship with the store because of its whole wasteful cheap americana vibe (akin to wal-mart), but i also love a good hunt and Forever 21 always provides me this. along the way, i came across a pair of blue ikat-ish elastic silky pants. i dared myself to try them on and the result was actually pretty shocking. they were flattering! they were cute! with some simple heels and a blouse i too could recreate the pajama pant look I’ve been seeing everywhere, and for a mere $9 at that.(my own pants are sold out, but the jcrew ones below are a similar cut. i also found a Joie pair similar to the ones in the first photo, and am bugging over these as well.)

Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 8.49.27 PM

however, once they were home and safely nestled in my closet, the thought of wearing such loud pants scared me, so this is where they sat. they even took a trip to bermuda, only to sit, once again, in the bottom of my suitcase. my excitement in the dressing room turned to terror of actually being seen in public in them. a few nights ago, however, i reached a point of desperation so low i was forced to wear them. i was thirty minutes late to a girls night and had tried on every crumb of a shred of clothing i owned. my roommate was entirely fed up. “PUT THESE ON- you’re wearing them!” she said. and that was that. i slipped on a favorite black tank and heels and out the door we went, without a second to actually think about what i was doing.

pj pants

while i never felt entirely comfortable in them that evening, i had to fake it. and eventually i grew into my loud pants. i definitely got a few looks (not sure if they were positive or negative) and one of my best friends likened me to Kourtney Kardashian (again, unclear) but it felt great to test new wardrobe waters. and along the way i opened doors to challenging myself more in the future. below are a few tips for testing out loud pants and other new trends that might be out of your comfort zone.

 tips for trying something new (ie loud, bright or otherwise intimidating)

#1  pair with simple basics and go-to things you’re comfortable in, that way your whole outfit won’t feel weird

#2 test drive the look with an inexpensive item and see if you wear it before committing (in the case of these pants, the most i was out was the price of a sandwich)

#3 if all else fails, i recommend a few shots of liquid courage and your girlfriends egging you on


CPs- what’s the scariest item you’ve even worn out? what trends are yall struggling to master from the runway to real life?

xx JLK

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