just my luck

I had a great post planned out for yesterday highlighting Kennebunkport– an awesome new place I explored this weekend with CHG (more coming tomorrow, until then you can check out photos here). however, you can thank the @s$h0L3 in the black jeep Cherokee who decided to back his car into me for yesterday’s absence. Seriously you ask? Very. Let’s rewind.

In one of the more embarrassing moments of my adult life, I was, in fact, backed into by a car. A car (well technically an SUV). I was minding my business crossing 5th avenue while doing store checks for work –please add to the very long list of things I’ve endured for my job. While I walked away unscathed (minus my dignity, which was handed over to the hordes of tourists watching el incident-o go down), it was seriously mortifying. One second im standing on the curb checking my blackberry and the next- WHAM— literally bumper checked about 3 feet in the air. It took me a second to process what exactly had happened, but the whole thing was something out of a cartoon or rom com. The driver, an unapologetic middle aged man, was trying to secure a primo parking spot in front of Zara (I mean, gotta respect his mission) and apparently lost his wits upon seeing an open slot. 

Long story short, a few take-aways from the afternoon: 1) there are some terrible drivers in nyc, 2) you gotta be on you’re a-game 24/7 or you legitimately get run down, and 3) my day of errands and blog time was dramatically interrupted by the need for a bag of frozen peas and a Bravo tv marathon. who knew shopping was such a dangerous endeavor?!

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