heart breakers

If there is one thing my obsessive compulsive shopping tendencies should reward me with, I wish it would be never having to see the words ‘sold out’ on an item I’m lusting after again.  I absolutely HATE when there is an ‘it’ item you discover too late.. I feel left out and like ‘where have I been for the last X months?’ (cue flashback to the strappy Zara ballet flats worn everywhere by my favorite chic pea Blair Eadie….)

Sadly, said event happened yesterday.

I have been searching for the perfect pair of smoking slippers for a while now, and it wasn’t until last night at bible study (I know, I know, thou shall not covet) that I saw a girl wearing this amazing version by Ferragamo. The velvet. The grosgrain. The cut. Ahhh perfection.

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 6.37.28 PM

Unfortunately for me, they are sold out EVERYWHERE, which isn’t too surprising once I saw this photo of my favorite chic pea, Olivia P, rocking them several months back.

olivia palermo scotty shoe

Unless you are the lucky girl who wears a size 9 and wants the tortoise version (do it- you know you need them!) I found these similar ones at Nordstrom, but I’m still not sold. So I am forced to either a. troll ebay relentlessly or b. continue my quest.

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