euro trip

greetings chic peas, it’s been a while! to be honest, I have been completely uninspired with summer fashions of late. Luckily some bargains of the may-jor kind have been filling up my inbox and sending some sartorial inspa my way. For those of you who haven’t heard J.Crew is having extra 50% off sale prices today- but hurry since all the good stuff is running out in most sizes.

jcrew photo 1

Lately I have been what you call Le Fed Up (technical term) with work, in need of a vay cay, and ready to flee the country. When I saw these lace up flats  included in the sale, I instantly paired them with a poofy skirt and some cat eye shades, ready to Rome (pun intended) around the Spanish steps a la Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. Gelato in hand? Necessity.

ballet flats






to get a modern Sabrina look, pair with a full flouncy striped skirt and swap out the button down for a a cheeky graphic t

slub t

tibi skirt

to accessorize top off with my favorite prada cat eye shades and a structured fendi tote

prada shadesfendi tote

in case you need other items to pack for your European jaunt, consider these:

Ugh-in case you need further inspiration for a transatlantic move, this major chic pea, Carin Olssen of Paris in Four Months, really did fulfill her dream of moving to paris. Living in paris? Chic. Quitting your job? Chicer. What more could a girl want. That’s all for today CPs. TGIF!

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