that b!$#h in the hair salon

the absolute best and worst thing about living in New York is you never know exactly where your day will take you. such is the case last weekend–when I had a simple Saturday planned; activities included sleeping in, going on a run, and getting my hair cut. fast forward to 4pm in the saks handbag department and im signing over my life for a new purse that costs more than my monthly rent.

so what went awry with this plan, you ask? six simple words. that b!$#h in the hair salon.

chic euro

there i was, innocently getting my hair cut. when i was bombarded by some beautiful creature- undoubtedly either a model or one of those rich tall foreign girls who innocently strolls around the west village with a fur coat and sneakers on (you know the type i’m talking about). and she was carrying the most beautiful bag. this one exactly.

givenchy nightingale

blame the fumes from the keratin or the green eyed monster or a few too many episodes being brainwashed by Carrie Bradshaw drop $400 on shoes, but it was in that moment that i needed one. not a want, but an actual as-essential-as-oxygen basic need. so fast forward 3 hours and two cab rides later and there i was. i tried to do the whole mature pro/con thing and marinate on my decision, but it was pretty much game over from the hair salon onwards.

givenchy pandora

many of you will read this story and likely be disgusted (my mother among them) at how someone could be so frivolous and extravagant to make this impulse purchase. especially by the fact it was out of jealousy of someone else having one. and i hear you 110%. the practical, analytical side of my brain could not agree more. but the other side of me–the illogical purse buying side–thinks that maybe its ok. maybe its a great thing even, that i bought myself such a splurge; because i work hard to be practical and responsible 99% (95%?) of the time……and you might just have to be a little crazy to drop that much moola on one bag.

givenchy pandora 2

so there’s my latest confession in the name of fashion. CPs–anyone have a similar story to share?


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