1Chic-pea noun \’shēk\ \’pē\

1: a thing that provides style insight and inspiration; a pearl of fashion wisdom

2: a person who embodies style, inspires creativity and serves as a source of fashion inspiration


About Me: 

I am a twenty-five year old fashion lover and bonafide clotheshorse living in New York City. I use this blog as my creative outlet from work and a cathartic method for getting my ideas out of my head and on to paper. I also use it to share my latest  finds with my friends, family and all the people I love – including you, my readers! I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me.


On Style:

I used to think that a person’s style was an inherent trait; either someone was born with a great eye or they lacked the sartorial gene entirely. Over the years, I watched as people (and their wardrobes) evolved – from my friends growing up to my grandmothers cleaning out their closets. In the process, I learned how an individual’s style is a direct reflection of where they’d been and what they’ve picked up along the way. These pieces of information, ‘chic peas’ I call them, is where the blog began.

My aim in writing a fashion blog is to not only discuss styles, trends, and brands I love, but also to document what I learn in my endless quest towards all things fashion related. It will hopefully be my ever-evolving analysis of the fashion landscape.  Happy reading!

photo (3)

(me circa 1992- demonstrating an early knack for accessorizing)

earlier photos by austin phelps