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back in business

anddddd we’re back! after a lengthy (3 month!) interruption, expect posting to resume on a somewhat normal schedule, if there are any CP’s left still reading. the end of 2018 turned out to be a pretty crazy, hectic time for me, with work and a major personal project sucking up most of my air (more on this soon, hopefully!), which was followed up by several trips over the holidays. And now that i’ve been back in NY, I just haven’t had much to write about. maybe this is the winter blues talking, and I acknowledge this forum is not the time or place for me to get political, but i felt kind of silly writing my normal articles about $400 shoes and $80 face masks when federal workers weren’t even able to collect their paychecks and LaGuardia airport had to shut down from lack of staff.

hopefully things are somewhat settling and on my front, an upcoming trip has inspired some new purchases, so the CP is also re-opening for business. i’ve missed le blog and would love comments and/or ideas for topics to write about in 2019! thank u, next!

today i’m featuring eight of my latest obsessions/new purchases/life hacks. also not featured, but equally on repeat, is this amazon coat that broke the internet, which a girlfriend strong armed me into purchasing. i am a sucker for olive but i love the navy too. it’s not the warmest coat I own but is a perfect weekender for wearing over athleisure to run errands. In fact I just saw another Nolita-n walking her dog in it on my way to work.

1) making– gluten free banana muffins. while i am trying not to go toooo crazy piling on new wellness routines after the holidays, weeks of carbo-loading at home and in paris have motivated me to cook a little more and make some healthy ingredient swaps. one of these initiatives is to save a little dough (and calories!) by making breakfast for the week in advance. CGB passed along this amazing 5 ingredient banana muffin recipe, which I added a scoop of protein powder to for extra heartiness. so far I am loving– they freeze perfectly and reheat in the microwave in just 45 seconds, great for when you’re running out the door.

2) stomping– one of my best winter purchases so far has been these snakeskin steve madden booties, given how much all black I wear. they’re the perfect pop to feel like you’re dressed up even when you’re sick of black turtlenecks and frozen temps… #butmakeitfashion

lol remember in my last post when i was excited about the threat of snow?! sick.

3) stretching– my younger cousin got me on board with these gap star print leggings over thanksgiving, which look just like a much more expensive pair at bandier. i’ve never bought gap fit before but so far i’ve been impressed with the quality and price, so after ordering the black i went back for the navy.

4) polishing– the dry air (and holiday booze consumption) once again has wrecked my skin, so i treated myself to a facial at the famous christine chin spa last weekend after seeing it on the Stripe. not only did I have an amazing experience– i will be going back for more regular cleanings every six weeks– she convinced me to try her moisturizing toner, blemish gel and skin eraser, all of which are having real results. i highly recommend paying her a visit down on orchard street, but for you non-nyc-ers, they can be purchased online.

5) tucking– i finally managed to find a great pair of straight 90’s style jeans that don’t give me “mom butt” at planet blue. i am a big fan of agolde’s jean shorts but i had never had luck with their full length jeans until this pair. they look amazing with sneaks and a sweater half-tucked in the front. four stars fo’ sho’. more sizes here.

6) rolling– ahead of my loaded travel schedule, i splurged on new away luggage after hearing all the hype. while i hate the heaviness of the bags compared to soft case styles (this brics has always been my weekend go to), and the fact they make me feel very #basic, matching luggage with every other millennial in the airport, the ease of the four wheels has been such a nice little luxury.

7) cuddling– i came across this knit sweater bodysuit during a sale at a random store in soho after christmas and, after trying it on, immediately purchased it in 3 colors (don’t let the weird styling on the website fool you). the knit fabric is super thin and soft, almost t-shirt material, but a little warmer than you’d expect. the deep v-neck needed a little stitching up from my tailor to be non-X rated, but post “surgery” its become a staple in my wardrobe– i’ve been wearing it layered under leather jackets, my plaid blazer and even a second chunky cardigan.

8) burning– last week’s single digit temps made me highly unmotivated to leave my apartment, but i managed to run to the diptyque store for a new candle. this winter I have really been missing having a fireplace in my apartment and this yummy winter scent + a fake netflix fire are the next best thing.

happy tuesday– send me your thoughts, comments, latest loves, and updates on what you’ve been up to in my absence! Xx