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sleek slides

the steamy nyc heat has been making me want to be as unfussy as possible. Introducing the slide – i.e. a shoe that requires no buckling, tying or otherwise unnecessary bending over to put on. The last time I had a pair of slip ons, I begged for a pair of Adidas pool shoes with the spikey bottoms, circa 2nd or 3rd grade. (Those were The. Bees. Knees. at swim team…did anyone else have those?). Now I’m ready to introduce them back into my adult life, with a more elevated black leather pair.

pic 1.3


a few other options:
pic 1.2pic 1.5

pic 1.4




Try a pair over the long weekend (yay!) and wear them with…

pic 1.1

1) striped shirt dress

2) m.gemi leather slides

3) drawstring backpack

4) pearl cluster ring